Katia Boulard Katia Boulard, EBEP Ref­er­ent, is a teacher at the ele­men­tary school of the Lycée Français de Vienne since Sep­tem­ber 2007. She is a psy­chother­a­py stu­dent and Ele­men­tary School EBEP ref­er­ent since Sep­tem­ber 2019. Her assign­ment has been extend­ed to kinder­garten (Mater­nelle) and sec­ondary school (Collège/Lycée) start­ing in Sep­tem­ber 2021.


The ÉBÉP ref­er­en­t’s mis­sion is to ensure that all pupils are schooled in the best pos­si­ble con­di­tions, regard­less of their dif­fi­cul­ties. She attends the meet­ings of the edu­ca­tion­al team, advis­es fam­i­lies and teach­ers, pro­pos­es adjust­ments and ensures the con­ti­nu­ity of the arrange­ments over the years. She is in con­tact with French-speak­ing health pro­fes­sion­als work­ing in Vienna.


You can con­tact the ÉBÉP ref­er­ent by send­ing an email to